NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is an up to 60-player PVP mythical action combat Battle Royale with martial arts-inspired melee combat, gravity-defying mobility, vast arsenals of melee & ranged weapons, legendary customizable heroes with epic abilities.

NSE and 24 Entertainment have teamed up to run the NARAKA: BLADEPOINT University Invitational! Each Sunday for three weeks starting on the 20th of November, you can catch 16 UK universities going head to head to be the last team standing. The final week of the invitational takes place live in Manchester. Each week you can catch the broadcast on the NSE Twitch channel

Week 1: Sunday 20th November, 3:45 pm GMT
Week 2: Sunday 27th November, 3:45pm GMT
Week 3: Sunday 4th November, 9:00am GMT at HOST Salford / 2:00pm GMT on the NSE Twitch channel

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