Efe Ediz Alatli

About Me

I'm the best Techies player I know.

I take pubs just as seriously as if my life was on the line.

I never give up.

Playing against megas?

I keep playing.

Down 40 kills?

I keep playing.

Half of my team afk in base?

I keep playing.


Because I'm Techies.

This hero is the ultimate 1v9 hero.

If played perfectly you literally can't lose with this hero.

You may be thinking that if you played any hero perfectly then you can't lose either but that's simply not true.

Techies is unique with this characteristic.

The game starts and I warn my enemies that they should ban Techies.

They think I’m joking and they've banned Anti-mage.

I insta-first pick Techies.

I mark and go offlane.

I don’t let the enemy carry farm.

The supports try to keep me away but I'm too good.

Even when my right clicks don’t do shit, I trigger them with my denies into making mistakes.

Triple kill first blood with blast off.

I take my items in base and then TP back.

They got nothing and I’m level 6 already.

I've won the lane, like always.

I am Techies.

I control the lane with my remotes.

I'm planting so close to their tower that they can’t do anything but go away, and if they don’t, they die with a thousand sentries in their hands.

They cannot kill me.

I relief all my pain by suiciding in their faces.

Nothing matters more than time.

20 minutes.

Masochistic ring, arcane boots, force staff, Aghanim’s scepter.

I've already won.

Nothing can stop me now but myself.

I am fearless.

I push out lanes.

I take towers.

I force rotations.

I cut creep waves without even being there.

I am Techies.

Thousands of calculations going on in my head.

I keep track of glyph, where I have my mines, how much effective HP my enemies have and how many mines it takes to kill them, predictions of where the next fight going to happen, etc.

I cannot lose now.

Bloodstone, Octarine, GG boots.

I've not even finished farming.

"Fucking techies picker, let us finish", your tears are my fuel.

"Wow, nice work Techies I commend you", I don't need your praise peasant.

I'm fucking Techies.

The rest of my 'team' is irrelevant.

They only get in the way of my goal.

The enemy ancient.

+250 damage in my talents.

Consumed Moon Shard buff on my bar.

Travel, MKB, Mjollnir, AC and 2 rapiers in my stash.

I buy the wards and sentries.

The gems are my trophies.

I take the enemy ancient at the same time I defend mine.

I've won the game.

I have only 45 kills?

Pathetic, I could do better.

I'm not trying hard enough.

I've failed.

"Match found".

I pick Techies.

I am Techies.

If Techies is added to CM again, next TI will be mine.

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