NSE Rulebook Spring 2021 League of Legends

In order for the tournaments to run fairly and smoothly we have issued the following rule book.


Most problems you encounter on the night can be solved by talking to the opposing team's captain and a tournament admin as soon as the problem has arisen. It’s always better to contact an admin if you are unsure than to leave it and the problem getting bigger. The earlier an admin can give you a ruling the less likely it is to majorly impact your team.


All students are expected to follow the letter and spirit of the rules while competing. Deliberately breaking or avoiding the rules will result in harsher penalties. That said, mistakes can be made. If you become aware you or your team have unintentionally broken a rule, contact an admin as soon as possible.


The rules and regulations contained herein apply to all players and teams competing in the championships. Their purpose is to make sure  uphold sporting conduct from players and ensure the competitive integrity of all championships.
Thank you for taking part in the championships and good luck in your games.