USL Winter 2019

Rainbow Six Siege

Online with live finals


To register for this tournament teams need to sign up using the register button below and fill in the Ranks submission form.

USL Winter Championship is split into 2 main stages: Stage 1 Qualification (Weeks 1-3) and Stage 2 Swiss/Playoffs (Weeks 4-7)

Stage 1

In Stage 1 teams will be initially seeded into 3 skill groups. In the first round teams will play another team in the same skill group and in the following rounds be matched versus teams with a similar record in the tournament.

Stage 2

In Stage 2 the top 16 teams will start in the Championship bracket (a double elimination bracket) and everyone else will continue playing in a Swiss tournament starting with points based on their finish in stage 1. Teams who do well in the Swiss can qualify for Challenger bracket or Division 3.


Initial Prizes

1st - 5x £100 GAME Credit

2nd - 5x £60 GAME Credit

3rd - 5x £40 GAME Credit

USL Winter Championship is a NSE affiliate tournament so addition to other prizes this tournament awards British University Esports Championship Points.

Banner photos used courtesy of Jon Chia


Rules Summary
All players must be current students.

Teams may have between 5 and 10 players.

Teams will play in the 6-round Role Swap format, consisting of 6 rounds attack then swapping to 6 rounds of defence with the winning team being the first to win 7 rounds. If the score is 6-6 then a 3-round overtime begins to decide the winner.

The League will also feature the Operator/Map ban phase and 6th pick as seen in ESL with the following maps being in the pool:



Club House



Kafe Dostoyevsky


Goyo and Amaru are banned from play until further notice

Check in deadline is 6:30pm. Teams who don't check in will not get games for that evening.

If teams are more than 20 minutes late they will forfeit a map.

Signups Close Tuesday 15th October

Games will have a normal start time of 7.15pm, however teams in the lower bracket of the Championship Bracket may be expected to play additional game on Wednesday 20th November and Wednesday 27th of November.

All games with the exceptions of the Grand Finals and 2 lower bracket matches will be played on Thursday evening and cannot be rearranged.

Dates Tournament Stage
17th Oct Qualification
24th Oct Qualification
31st Oct Qualification
7th Nov

Week 1 Playoff Brackets
Week 1 Swiss

14th Nov

Week 2 Playoff Brackets
Week 2 Swiss

20th Nov

Additional Championship Lower Bracket Match

21st Nov 

Week 3 Playoff Brackets
Week 3 Swiss

27th Nov Additional Championship Lower Bracket Match
28th Nov

Week 4 Playoff Brackets
Week 4 Swiss

7/8th Dec (Provisional) Grand Finals at Live Venue (TBD)