LAN finals are back! We’re beyond excited to announce that NSE’s British University Esports Championship (BUEC) Spring Finals 2022 will be taking place live and in person. After two years of not being able to run in-person events, the whole NSE team couldn’t be more thrilled about the return of LAN finals, and made even better as it will take place at Insomnia Gaming Festival!

Something the NSE team has wanted to do for a long time is a BYOC LAN for the NSE community and what better way than to do this at Insomnia! Not only will our finals take place there on the Saturday and Sunday, NSE has a dedicated area for university students in the BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) hall of 2,800 gamers for the entire festival spanning from Thursday 14th until Monday 18th April. We’re also offering the student community a discount on this NSE BYOC ticket.

Inside the NSE area, we have a limited selection of 120 seats reserved for BYOC, so get your societies organised early to make sure you get tickets and can sit together. 

We’ll also have the BUEC Finals stage, a spectator area for those who want to watch and an NSE partner area where there will be a range of activities throughout the weekend. All NSE BYOC ticket holders will have access to the exhibition hall, but there are also tickets available for those who just want to watch the BUEC Finals, attend the NSE partner area and exhibition hall.

An overhead view of a full LAN hall

Founded in 1999, the Insomnia Gaming Festival originated as the i-Series; a small LAN event where gamers could come together and play as part of one community. Today, 40,000 visitors attend Insomnia and their LAN parties have grown to the biggest in the UK, seeing 2,800 gamers in one space for a weekend of non-stop 24-hour gaming.

Expanding from the LAN, Insomnia is now a diverse show for gamers of all backgrounds, identities, and ethnicities to come together and celebrate everything that we love about video games and popular culture. From brand new and upcoming releases, cosplay, Indie games, tabletop games, gaming content creators and much more, Insomnia Gaming Festival isn't just a gaming expo, it’s a celebration of all things gaming.

We can’t wait to see you there and celebrate everything about university esports! Ticket types and FAQs are listed below but for any questions you might have, we’ve set up an Insomnia channel in the NSE Discord. Feel free to ask us any questions in there and we also have members of the Player 1 team in there to help (please read the FAQs first though).

Free PC Rental Powered By Intel

Always wanted to attend Insomnia BYOC but don't have a PC or can't figure out how to haul your setup to Birmingham? Intel are lending out 20 PCs to the NSE community who are attending BYOC! Find out more info here.


BUEC Broadcast Schedule

Saturday 09:00 Dota 2
  14:00 Overwatch
  17:00 League of Legends
Sunday 10:00 Rocket League
  12:00 Rainbow Six: Siege
  15:30 Valorant
  19:00 CS:GO

(The Rocket League finals will be played online, but broadcast to the NSE spectator area at Insomnia, in accordance with Psyonix's licensing policy)

Ticket Types

  • NSE BYOC Ticket
    • £99 each (not including booking fees) (Original ticket price is £119)
    • NSE BYOC space for the whole 5 day event from 6pm Thursday to 4pm Monday
    • Entrance from 10am until 6pm into the Expo Hall from Friday (4pm on Monday)
    • Gain access on Thursday to the BYOC hall from 6pm
    • A table, chair, power and network access in the LAN hall
    • Able to participate in Insomnia BYOC tournaments
    • Access to the Community Games area
    • Access to the Esports stage and bar in BYOC after hours
    • Access to the NSE partner area
    • Access to NSE spectator area to watch BUEC
    • Camping tickets are bought separately, camping IS NOT included
    • To ensure only students take advantage of the discount, you must book with your student email!

  • NSE BYOC BUEC Finalist Ticket
    • £20 each (not including booking fees)
    • These tickets are reserved for those who qualify
    • All of the above features in the NSE BYOC ticket
    • Camping for the whole weekend IS included
    • If you buy an NSE BYOC ticket and you end up being a BUEC finalist we will refund you the difference
    • Access to the whole Insomnia Exhibition

  • Insomnia Day Ticket (Book tickets here)
    • From £27 each (not including booking fees)
    • Access to spectator area to watch BUEC
    • Access to NSE partner area
    • Access to the whole Insomnia Exhibition on the day attending
    • Does not grant you access to BYOC

  • Camping ticket
    • The campsite is open from 9 am on Friday until Monday at 4 pm, however, you can purchase a priority ticket to arrive and check-in from Thursday at 1pm.
    • Each camping plot is 2.6m x 1.6m - purchasing multiple plots will give you a larger space
    • Find out more about camping on the ticket page when you book


  • How do I pick my seat?
    On the seat picker link sent to the email that you booked with. This will be sent a couple of weeks after you book.

  • I want to get there on Thursday, does the NSE BYOC ticket allow that?
    Yes, the NSE BYOC ticket allows the same time entry as BYOC Priority ticket.

  • If I buy an NSE BYOC ticket now, what happens if I am a BUEC finalist?
    We will refund you the 80% ticket price difference (and also the camping ticket if you decided to book that as well)

  • If I’m a BUEC finalist, do I need to bring a tent?
    You can bring your own tent as long as it is within 2.6 x 1.6 metres, or you can stay in one of the cardboard tents provided.

  • If you’ve already bought a ticket…
    BYOC: You can swap your ticket by contacting Insomnia customer service for an NSE BYOC ticket to get the discount and sit in the NSE community area. 
    Day admission: No need to do anything - you can still access the NSE partner area and BUEC spectator area with a day ticket.

  • Will the NSE Rocket League Spring Final be played at Insomnia with the rest of the other finals?
    To be confirmed. With the updated licence for Rocket League, this initially means that we're not able to have the final played live at Insomnia. We'll keep monitoring the situation to see if there are any changes between now and April as we'd love to hold it in person. The NSE Rocket League community are still welcome to attend BYOC.

  • Can I enter the Insomnia tournaments from the NSE BYOC area?

  • What are the Covid regulations?
    You can read Insomnia’s Covid policy here.

  • Do the NSE tickets include extra evening events e.g. pub quiz, the Dark Room?
    No, you can purchase these tickets on the Insomnia website. (Pub quiz tickets likely to go live next week)

 Got questions about the event in general? Take a look at Insomnia FAQs here

a lot of people in a LAN hall

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