Welcome to the NSE Alumni Arena!

For our first season, we’ll be running three alumni tournaments for alumni across four weeks in November until early December. Following on from these first tournaments we have lots of plans to bring your more chances to play other esports titles in the future. 

Like in the British University Esports Championship (BUEC), you will still be representing your universities.

Teams need a majority of the players to have attended the same university. For example, if you have a team of five, three of those players must have all been to the same university. If you have a team of three, two of them must have attended the same university.

Played in NSE before?
If you already have an NSE account from when you were playing in BUEC, you should have an alumni account. If your NSE account is still using your student email, we ask that you add your personal email into the "Additional recover email address" box.

Not played in an NSE tournament before?
No worries - you can make an account and then fill in the form here with verification to prove your university alumni status. If you’re having trouble, please email Some examples of what you can use as proof: degree certificate, student card, screenshot of student finance etc.

Adding teammates
We're working on being able to add your teammates yourselves, but for now please email with the emails of those you wish to add and the team name.

As for prizes, the prize pool works differently from the main championship. The prizes are split between the players and also the esports or gaming society at your team’s represented university.

A brand new Discord server has been set up for the Alumni Arena, you can join it here.