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Welcome to the NSE Genshin Impact hub! We have partnered up with Hoyoverse to run Genshin Impact activity for the UK university community throughout the year. Every month, we hold a Genshin Impact community event so keep your eyes peeled on this page and in our Discord for upcoming events where you can take part and win prizes!

Thinking about running your own Genshin Impact event for your society? Genshin Impact event support is back so fill out the form linked below!

If you'd like some ideas and suggestions for events, download the event pack which is full of ideas and suggestions for activities you can do in-game. The event pack also has information on the kind of support you'll receive from NSE and Hoyoverse like cash support and incentives for running your events and how to run your own tournaments.

To apply for event support, you must meet the eligibility requirements which are listed in the event pack. Download the event pack below to find out more information.


If you have a question, please get in touch with a staff member on Discord or email us at


Overview of the Genshin Impact Version 4.6 Update
Last week, HoYoverse released the Version 4.6 update to Genshin Impact. This update, titled ‘Two Worlds Aflame, the Crimson Night Fades’, features many new additions to the game.
Genshin Impact Liyue Photo Competition
In celebration of the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultures within the enchanting world of Genshin Impact, we recently hosted a Liyue Photo Competition that captivated the imaginations of our creative gaming community.
Marketplace Magic: Genshin Campus Celebration Wrap-Up
Over the weekend we hosted our event Marketplace Magic: Genshin Campus Celebration! Thank you so much to all of you who joined us, we hope you all enjoyed completing your guidebook missions and celebrating everything Genshin with us.
Meet our Genshin Impact influencers coming to our live event!
We are happy to announce our influencers and content creators for our Marketplace Magic: Genshin Impact Celebration live event in Spitalfields, London!
Marketplace Magic: Genshin Campus Celebration
We're pleased to announce that NSE will be hosting Marketplace Magic: Genshin Campus Celebration, a live in-person event in London for the entire Genshin Impact student community. Comprised of a cosplay competition, speedrun challenges and more!
NSE and HoYoverse renews partnership to run Genshin Impact activity for UK University Students
NSE and HoYoverse have joined forces for the second consecutive year to run Genshin Impact activity for UK University Students!
Genshin Impact Art Competition Wrap-up & Winners!
Thank you to everyone that submitted art work for our Genshin Impact Art Competition! The entries were amazing, and we've finally picked our winners!
Genshin Impact Boss Speedrun Wrap-up
Thank you everybody for submitting your runs to the Boss Speedrun Competition and congratulations to Ainsel for winning with a mind-boggling 2.97s time!
The Genshin 3.0 update: Impressions and Overview
Hoyoverse has finally released a new nation in Teyvat which is the long-awaited Sumeru. Read below to learn more about the 3.0 update from Francesc Ventura-Herreras aka TheDarkVictini.
Genshin Impact Teapot Competition Winning Entry
Congratulations to Geckeos for winning the Genshin Impact Teapot competition! Have a look at what they designed here.
Genshin Impact Introduces Its Fourth Nation, Sumeru on 24th August
Version 3.0 presents a vast rainforest and playable Dendro characters alongside the nation of wisdom!
Genshin Impact Photo Competition Results
Find out who won the July Genshin Impact Photo Competition and check out the honourable mentions showcasing the beauty of Mondstadt and how photogenic the characters are.

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NSE and HoYoverse announce partnership to run Genshin Impact activity for UK University Students
NSE and HoYoverse have joined forces to run Genshin Impact activities that provide more playing opportunities in the UK university student community!