An Epic Adventure Awaits

Welcome to the NSE Genshin Impact hub! We have partnered up with Hoyoverse to run Genshin Impact activity for the UK university community throughout the year. Every month, we hold a Genshin Impact community event so keep your eyes peeled on this page and in our Discord for upcoming events where you can take part and win prizes!

Thinking about running your own Genshin Impact event for your society? Fill out the form linked below! If you'd like some ideas and suggestions for events, download the event pack which is full of ideas and suggestions for activities you can do in-game. The event pack also has information on the kind of support you'll receive from NSE and Hoyoverse like event cash support for running your events, incentives for participants, official merchandise drops and how to run your own tournaments.

To apply for event support, you must meet the eligibility requirements which are listed in the event pack. Download the event pack below to find out more information on the requirements and also the incentives that are available.


If you have a question, please get in touch with a staff member on Discord or email us at