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NSE Careers Boost is helping talented students like you prepare your early careers, from understanding further education opportunities to connecting you with leading employers. Our community boasts students with skills across computer science, engineering, natural sciences (biology, physics, chemistry), mathematics, statistics, data science, economics, law and more. Significantly, we believe your participation in esports and gaming at university has enhanced your social and technical skills, making you even more valuable and sought-after new hires.

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For more than five years NSE has been building and supporting a talented student community brought together through their passion for esports and gaming. NSE’s community is made up of tens of thousands of students across the UK - significantly c.70% are STEM students and 28% study computer science.

It is also a welcoming and diverse community with 20% women & non-binary; a presence across 110+ universities fostering socio-economic and geographical diversity; and welcoming 26% LGBTQIA+ sexualities; with 36% from ethnic minorities.

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Sourcing and attracting the most suitable graduates for a modern workforce is a well-reported challenge, which, combined with the global shortfall of STEAM talent in the UK and international employment market makes hiring STEAM graduates an increasingly costly and competitive endeavour. NSE Careers Boost aims to help students find rewarding careers and forward-thinking employers to attract the best in early careers talent.



Cosmetic Industry: What is involved in the industry?
Every day we see advertisements for personal care products, from shampoo, body wash, fragrances, toiletries and skincare products like toner and moisturiser. What scopes are involved in this industry?
Retail Industry: Recent Early Careers Opportunities and Openings
The retail sector contributes to 4.9% of the UK's total economic output in 2022. Check out some of the top recent early careers opportunities available the industry offers!
Retail Industry: Companies Offering Early Careers Opportunities
The retail industry accounts for a great economic output in the UK. Learn more about top companies that offer early careers programmes and opportunities in this article!
Retail Industry: What Talents Are They Looking For?
Our daily activities consume various goods and services. From your local corner store to online marketplaces, a wide range of products are sold for personal and commercial use. What is the retail industry and what talents are they looking for?
Pharmaceutical Industry: Recent Early Careers Openings
Are you interested in working for the pharmaceutical industry? Here are some upcoming opportunities that you may be interested in.
Deep Dive Series: Top Research and Development Pharmaceutical Companies in Advance Medication
Many pharmaceutical companies are renowned for their significant achievement in research and development (R&D) to advance medication. These companies have led the industry in innovation, bringing new treatments and therapies.
Deep Dive Series: Understanding the Pharmaceutical Industry - What Do Pharmaceutical Companies Do?
Have you ever imagined how the world would be without medication? From body pain to chronic diseases, medications are developed to cure and improve the quality of people’s lives.
Formula E: Internship Programme
Applications are open for Formula E’s 10-month Internship Programme!
Intel: Intel's Values
Our values guide how we make decisions, treat each other, and serve our customers.
Dyson Institute: Applications open for our first conversion Masters degree in Software Engineering
Applications are open for the Dyson Institute’s first conversion Masters in Software Engineering degree, beginning September 2024. The MSc has been designed to encourage graduates into exciting careers in engineering.
Dyson Institute: What is a conversion course?
A higher education conversion course is designed to transform learners from one subject area to another. The Dyson Institute is now offering its first conversion course to graduates who haven't studied computer science or software engineering before.
Dyson Institute: James Dyson announces next step in plan for the Dyson Institute
Six years after James Dyson founded the Dyson Institute, it announces it will offer a Master of Engineering to all future Undergraduate Engineers, moving on from its degree apprenticeship.
Formula E: Who Are We and What Are We?
From the cars, to the circuits we race on, find out everything you need to know about Formula E!
Automotive Industry: How to Get Involved with Cars?
Are you an aspiring student who wants to work with "cars"? Learn more about what the automotive industry is currently offering for early careers!
Tech Industry: What Are Big Tech Companies?
A lot of people talk about working in “big tech” companies and the exciting career opportunities there. Topics like “software development” and “artificial intelligence” have become very common and trendy in our daily lives, but what does that mean?
Energy Industry: Upcoming Early Careers Opportunities
Learn about what the energy industry is and the upcoming student opportunities provided by Arup, Moody's, ScottishPower and more!
MindForward Alliance: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, A Thriving from the Start Webinar
MindForward Alliance are offering a webinar exploring how imposter syndrome can manifest itself in those who are in their early careers.
Key Skills for Students Entering the Workplace
Taking your first step on the career ladder can feel daunting, but there are lots of tips and skills that will help you along the way. We have taken some tips from our Intel FutureGen programme on top skills that you should develop.
Intel: Life and Culture at Intel
When you join Intel, you become part of a global organization with big ambitions. Our people have had a profound influence on the world by creating radical innovations that revolutionize the way we live.
1Hour Project: Industry Expert Guidance for Students
We are here to help you launch your early career. We are a not-for-profit organisation designed to match students who are first in their family to go to university from low income backgrounds with industry experts to provide invaluable insights.
MindForward Alliance: Supporting Your Early Careers Mental Health
We work towards transforming workplace culture into one that supports mental health. Our Thriving From The Start Network is a mental health community for people in their early careers or still in education and applying for jobs.