Esports University of the Year 2021/2022 & Spring 2022 Wrap Up



The BUEC Spring season is over and with it, the 2021/2022 season! The games are finished and the points have been counted. More than 100 universities joined the fight to be crowned Esports University of the Year. The competition has been fierce this year, though one university has stood out and dominated the points table again more than ever before...

For the fourth year in a row, the University of Warwick is the Esports University of the Year for 2021/2022!

Despite losing three out of four LAN finals, Warwick have outdone themselves and finished with a staggering 4,036 points, the best performance throughout their NSE history and a 1,000 point improvement compared to last year.

The University of Warwick, sits comfortably at the top of the table with Loughborough University coming in second place, followed closely by the University of Portsmouth in third, Durham University in fourth, and then a little further down, the University College London in fifth. 

Even though they’ve done well in the past and have often placed in the top ten, Loughborough University, Durham University and University College London have shown an extremely strong performance and are newcomers to the top five this year.

The fight between Durham University, University College London and the University of Exeter for 4th, 5th and 6th was extremely close, with just ten points between them.

Compared to last year there are three new universities joining this exclusive top ten group with Swansea University, University of Birmingham, and University College London all displaying impressive performances.

City, University of London is the most improved university, they placed 93rd last year and are now sitting at 63rd - a HUGE leap of 30 places and 259 points! Another notable improvement is also the University of Manchester, which climbed 29 places from 46th to 17th this season with an increase of 881 points.

We've also seen the addition of seven new universities that have competed this year, Leeds Trinity University, Kingston University, University of Suffolk, Goldsmiths University of London, University of Stirling, Birkbeck University and Queen Mary University of London. Of these, Queen Mary University of London comes in as the best newcomer reaching an impressive 65th out of 102!

There has been fierce competition right across the UK with the regional rivalry hotting up. The standings of the Best Regional Esports Universities for Season 2021/2022 are:

  • Best in Scotland: Heriot-Watt University
  • Best in Wales: Swansea University
  • Best in Northern Ireland: Queen's University Belfast
  • Best in England: Warwick University
  • Best in London: University College London

In terms of individual performance, Tahuru from Birkbeck, University of London took it upon themselves to earn the only BUEC points for their university and win the UFG Tekken 7 tournament!

As for a team to watch out for next year - the Loughborough University team, Ready Player One, joined NSE League of Legends Spring two weeks late and still won the National League Division 2, placing them 9th overall. We’ll keep an eye on them next year to see how they do!

Seeing considerable growth throughout the past year with a whopping 1,000 matches being played each week, BUEC continues to be one of Europe’s largest organised esports competitions and is the UK’s most active grassroots gaming community in the country.

A huge well done to the teams and players that competed this academic year. It was amazing to see so many of you at the live finals at Insomnia Gaming Festival and the Birmingham NEC and we can’t wait to hold more live events for the student community in the future.

Our Spring Finals, which ran for two days over the 16th and 17th of April at Insomnia, had our own University Esports section inside the BYOC hall including a stage for the finals to take place on and a spectator area for anyone to watch. Keeping the NSE community busy all weekend, we had a dedicated BYOC space for students to game into the early hours of the morning and also a partner area where people could set the best lap times in GRID on the Intel cube and have access to lots of Monster Energy over the bank holiday to keep them fuelled. Read the round-up here.

Speaking of, a big thank you to all of our partners for their consistent support and belief in our community; Intel, Monster Energy, Barclays, PCSpecialist, BUCS and SpecialEffect.

Keep your eyes and ears open for sign-up announcements for our summer season at the beginning of June.

The Top 10

You can see the points table overview here. See the full points breakdown here.


Winning Teams and Players of Spring 2022

First place: Team Four (University of Southampton) 
Second place: Rush Bee (University of Manchester)
Third place: Worik (University of Warwick)



Dota 2
First place: UCL Instant Reflex (University College London)
Second place: Warwick Ducks (University of Warwick)
Third place: Blood Bath (University of Bath)



League of Legends
First place: DMU T1 (De Montfort University)
Second place: Grey Warwick (University of Warwick)
Third place: On Gromp (University of Lincoln)



First place: Portsmouth Paladins (University Of Portsmouth)
Second place: Warwick Angels (University of Warwick)
Third place: Team Dynasty (Roehampton University)



Rainbow Six Siege
First place: Blue Charm Collectors (University of Warwick)
Second place: Swansea Storm (Swansea University)
Third place: Lovebros (Loughborough University)



Rocket League
First place: Portsmouth Paladins (University of Portsmouth)
Second place: Keele Krakens (Keele University)
Third place: Warwick Wocket Weague (University of Warwick)



First place: UCL Team S (University College London)
Second place: Clark Kent (University of Kent)
Third place: Royal Mix (Royal Holloway University)



Super Smash Bros Teams
First place: PORTSMOUTH SNACKS owo (University of Portsmouth)
Second place: Smash and Trebs (Newcastle University)
Third place: Where are our pins (University of Exeter)



First place: Bournemouth Barracudas (Bournemouth University)
Second place: Warwick WortWortWort (University of Warwick)
Third place: Soton Stags (University of Southampton)



Super Smash Bros Single Player Cups
February First place: Sabahodin Sharaf (University Of Westminster)
February Second place: Greg Tickell (Newcastle University)
February Third place: Phillip Chamberlain (Staffordshire University)

March First place: Sabahodin Sharaf (Newcastle University)
March Second place: Phillip Chamberlain (Staffordshire University)
March Third place: Chekwube Nweze (Durham University)



Teamfight Tactics Cups
February First place: Callum Walthew (University of Leeds)
February Second place: Damon Ogg (University of Abertay Dundee)
February Third place: Danchai Axtell (University of Southampton)

March First place: A P (University of Portsmouth)
March Second place: Tay Zhi Yang (London School of Economics)
March Third place: Michael Fok (University of Birmingham)



GT Championship (BUSR)
First place: Harry Spiers (Loughborough University)
Second place: Jack Noller (Oxford Brookes University)
Third place: Jimmy Lin (University of Glasgow)



F1 Championship (BUSR)
First place: Deadeye (Loughborough University)
Second place: Mattymoomoo3 (University of Kent)
Third place: Dasher (University of Reading)



Guilty Gear Strive (UFG)
First place: Mo Maadani (University of Reading)
Second place: Ahmad Rahil Ziaullah (Brunel University)
Third place: Sean Otto (University of Brighton)



Tekken (UFG)
First place: Tahuru (Birkbeck, University of London)
Second place: Aoife Fairweather (University of Abertay Dundee)
Third place: Amine Larbi (University of Birmingham)


Will Warwick continue to dominate the championship next year? Keep your eyes and ears open for sign-up announcements for our summer season at the beginning of June.


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