2nd - Kisynergy - KCL Lions - The Kingslayer

An embarrassingly late article, half a year too late and Kisynergy has already finished his next season of University CS. However, sometimes life gets in the way. In retrospect, Kisynergy should not have been 2nd on this list as his achievements have since exceeded University CS. But at the time he came in second having come first and second in NUEL and NSE respectively with some exceptional performances across the season. Previously, I had known KCL for their run of good captains / reps from Lionehh to Perthy and the exceptional Kou. While they had often made playoffs, they were not known for their top performances or being a top team, Kisynergy ended up changing that quite alot.

Most top University talents have seen success prior to University CS, the likes of Frosty, Maza, Gizmy, Dutchy have all seen success (some more so than others) before competing at a University level. Kisyenrgy came into Uni CS having 6k hours in Dota 2, with that amount of commitment to a game youd expec them to be playing that but CSGO was his chosen game and Kisynergy came into University CS as a somewhat unknown. The story is well known but he then went on to topple the entire system, secure NUSELO #1 in his debut season and win 3 championships in a row, joining an extremely exclusive club.

Across the Spring Season Kisynergy had the 3rd highest Rating and the highest out of the top 2 teams, with a ridiculous 1.52 rating, 11.5 RWS, and one of the highest KAST% in won rounds with 92.7% , providing a ridiculous impact for KCL Lions.

Kisynergy’s story has been told enough before and it's pretty uncontested he is one of the best players of University CS and undoubtedly one of the top players of this era. Some of his counterparts of top current University CS players such as Frosty, Ourob and Kezham have all had reasonable success at LAN, making 1-3 round runs into playoffs which is a strong accomplishment. However Kisynergy, on his debut at EPIC40, secured a top 4 at LAN which is a pretty major achievement, also qualifying to Main from S46 of ESEA.

A player who took down the juggernauts of both UWE Seastags and podbots and has arguably graduated from University CS. Kisynery has seen some success outside of University CS, such as EPIC40, a 3 seasonal stint captaining the BHLG side through Open and Inters and briefly playing with Soul’s Land. However, he is yet to have a true shot that is representative of his ability and is currently teamless. Completed everything there is in University CS (apart from a UKIC win) , just now needs to complete everything in UKCS.