BUSR Rallycross Winter Championship

Dirt Rally 2.0

Drivers will be randomly allocated a group of 6 every week where they will proceed to do a full format RX event.


Points will be given for the fastest Final or Semi-Final time with final position in the group earning 1/6th of the time points.


Time points will be taken over all participants while position points are taken only over the allocated group.


British University Sim Racing welcomes you to the 2020 Rallycross Winter Championship. For the first time, race other students at all levels skills, in a variety of events and classes! Be sure to join the BUSR discord at http://busr.gg/discord for information on all events as well as details about this championship.

The BUSR Rallycross Winter Championship consists of 8 events, one per week starting on the 15th of October:

Norway - 15th October

Sweden - 22nd October

Latvia - 29th October

Portugal - 5th November

Germany - 12th November

South Africa - 19th November

Canada - 26th November 

Lydden Hill - UK - 3rd December

Class: RX 2019 Supercars



-          Drivers must state their RaceNet name on registration

-          Drivers can pick any number from 2-99

-          Drivers with names that have profanity or inappropriate content including political statements will not be allowed to participate

-          Only current students are allowed to participate



-          Tuning is allowed

-          Only use liveries that have your driver number and name on them

-          Drivers have to use the same car for the entire competition


Race Rules:

-          Drivers shall remain within the track limits, if you leave the track and gain an advantage you will be penalised

-          Contact is allowed but excessive contact will not be tolerated


Rules are not final and will be subject to change.

Last updated 20-09-2020 1845

Date Event
15th October Norway
22nd October Sweden
29th October Latvia
5th November Portugal
12th November Germany
19th November South Africa
26th November Canada
3rd December Lydden Hill