Overwatch NSE Spring


Week 1-3 Qualification

Week 4-7 Playoffs and Swiss

Week 8 Finals


Main Season - Online 
Finals - Live Event TBC


Sign-ups are now closed, to check in and view fixtures please visit


Overwatch NSE Spring is split into 2 main stages: Stage 1 Qualification (Weeks 1-3) and Stage 2 Swiss/Playoffs (Weeks 4-7)


Stage 1

In Stage 1, teams will initially be seeded into 3 skill groups. In the first round teams will play another team in the same skill group and in the following rounds be matched versus teams with a similar record in the tournament.

Stage 2

In Stage 2, the top 16 teams will start in the Division 1 (a double elimination bracket) and everyone else will continue playing in a Swiss tournament, starting with points based on finish in Stage 1. Teams that do well in the Swiss can qualify for the Division 2 or Division 3.



1st - £600

2nd - £360

3rd - £240

Top 8 - BUEC Championship Pins


In addition to other prizes this tournament awards British University Esports Championship Points with at least the top 64 teams guaranteed to earn points.


  • All players must be current students from the same university. 
  • All games are on the European region
  • Teams must have at least 6 players. Teams may add/remove players from team between weeks.
  • If teams are more than 20 minutes late they will forfeit a match.
  • Check in deadline is 6:30pm. Teams who don't check in will not get games for that evening.
  • Lobby settings
    • Competitive rules on
    • Kill cam disabled
    • Skins disabled
  • Offensive player and team names are not allowed.
  • Verbal abuse is not allowed. In particular any use of racist, sexist, homophobic or any other discriminatory language will lead to a minimum 3 week suspension.

Click here to download full rule book

Map Veto

  • All maps picked from following map Pool

    Control: Nepal / Lijiang Tower / Ilios / Busan / Oasis
    Assault: Temple of Anubis / Hanamura / Volskaya Industries
    Hybrid: Kings Row / Numbani / Eichenwalde
    Escort: Dorado / Route 66 / Havana

Best of Five

  • For best of 5 maps game modes will be played in the following order with the higher seed choosing map in the first game and lower seed choosing starting side. In subsequent games the loser of the previous map chooses the next map and the winning team chooses side. 
    • Control
    • Assault
    • Hybrid
    • Escort
    • Control (5th map can not be same map as played in game 1)

Best of Three

  • Best of 3s will work in the same way except only three game modes will be played. The three games modes will rotate each week with the oldest remaining game mode removed and the unplayed game mode from previous week re added to pool e.g.
  • Week 1
    • Control
    • Escort
    • Assault
  • Week 2
    • Escort
    • Assault
    • Hybrid
  • Week 3
    • Assault
    • Hybrid
    • Control
  • Week 4
    • Hybrid
    • Control
    • Escort
Dates Tournament Stage
Tuesday 8th Feb Sign-Ups Close
Thursday 10th Feb Qualification
Thursday 17th Feb Qualification
Thursday 24th Feb Qualification
Thursday 3rd Mar Week 1 Playoff Brackets
Week 1 Swiss
Thursday 10th Mar

Week 2 Playoff Brackets
Week 2 Swiss

Thursday 17th Mar

Week 3 Playoff Brackets
Week 3 Swiss

Thursday 24th Mar

Week 4 Playoff Brackets
Week 4 Swiss

Early/mid April Exact Date TBC Grand Finals at live event

All games with the exception of the Grand Finals will be played on Thursday evening and cannot be rearranged. Games will have a normal start time of 7.15pm.