About Us

Queen Margaret University
Esports Society


The society was founded in March 2019 with the aim to make the university more aware of esports potential within Scotland's students. The past months we have been working to build our society brand and provide exposure to a well-sustained society that has something to offer in the UK esports scene. The objective is to promote those who have an understanding and interest in esports, whether that is beeing a pro player, cameraman, social media admin, commentator, or game designer. There will be a place for everyone, especially when you begin to see the layover between many professions that students are involved in studying towards as a degree. 

The society plans on connecting students within Queen Margaret University together to share their similar interest in video games. This will range from monthly meetups, community night / society nights, charity events and our own fundraisers. Above this will be the esports floor which will involve those who want to be more involved in the scene where we can focus on arranging and managing esports teams for multiple events through NSE and with other universities. 

If you are interested in getting invovled with the society make sure to click on the 'Website' link below to find contact details and register as a member of our society, which will soon be your society!